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About Jinti™


         With more than 12 million registered users, Jinti has grown into number one integrated platform that connects local communities and social networks in China and the U.S.


         Jinti™ displays a cache of cutting-edge technology, unique architecture and highly popular digital tools created by its talented technology team. At Jinti™, users have uniquely fresh online experience and businesses achieve desired online-to-offline and mobile-to-offline results.


          Jinti’s uniqueness is powerfully illustrated through its innovative combination of easy-to-use company platforms, exciting community services and interactive social networking that wholly vitalize products and services and provide a one-stop place for users to get information, connect with communities of interest, and participate in online events.


         Specially designed to be user-centric, interactive social networking functionalities allow for users to connect with friends, family, communities and discuss products and services in consumer forums and blogs. In addition, these tools allow for users to follow their passion in mobile communities, sharing what they love through light blogs, photo albums and social media. Moreover, users are able to exchange their earned Mangos for iconic brand products, while energizing other users for more participation on other Jinti™ web pages and in myriad activities and local life services inside communities in 600 cities in China and the United States. These participants molded into influencers comprise the essential connection for growth of local communities, social networks, and brands, making Jinti™ a truly unique company.


         In addition to useful and exciting local solutions that make everyday life and work better, Jinti™ provides an assorted content that includes real estate, jobs, local services, trends, fashion, autos, entertainment and much more. reaches the whole gamut of communities, from major metropolitan cities in China to world known cities in the U.S., providing businesses an enormous affluent user base.


         Jinti™ has built a seamlessly integrated platform of local communities, and social networks where brands' fans flourish. This theme has been echoed throughout Jinti’s many successful marketing campaigns for Dunkin’ Donuts, Tempur-Pedic, William Lyon Homes, Tishman Speyer, Thompson Hotels, all internationally recognized companies. These companies have reaped large benefits through marketing among Jinti™ communities in China and in the U.S. The Jinti™ team is delivering effective results to its clients through innovative, measured, and focused advertising strategies.


         Stay tuned for more world brands that select Jinti.


Contact Us

For more information on Jinti's online marketing campaigns, Chinese and English website developments, and how we can help your company reach the hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers in China and North America, please contact:

Jinti, Inc. - Shanghai Office

969 Zhong Shan Nan Lu Suite 2002, Shanghai China 200011

Tel: (+86) 21-6212-6515

Email: [email protected]


Jinti, Inc. - New York Office 

OfficeHours: M - F 9:00 am-5:30 pm (EST)

Tel.(+1) 516-829-5200  Fax:(+1) 516-829-2611

Email: [email protected]


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